Welding & Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication | In-House or On-Site

Bear Ridge Specializes in GMAW/MIG, GTAW/TIG, SMAW/STICK, and FCAW/FLUX CORE

From light to heavy fabrication jobs, both big and small we work with our customers to complete jobs exactly as quoted. We have no restrictions, whether it is industrial, commercial or residential we will do the job.

We are skilled in large or oversized components and materials. With heavy metal fabrication, we take raw materials and cut, bend, roll and weld them into a finished piece down to the specifications you need for your project. Unique to Bear Ridge is that we can create the smaller more intricate pieces of your project by having our machine shop in the same facility. Having the ability to keep projects within Bear Ridge and not rely on sub-contractors helps reduce any delays in delivery and turnaround time.

Our welders are certified in AWS D1.1 and there is strict adherence to quality control as per Bear Ridge’s quality control manual. Our vertically integrated metalworking services gives us an advantage of keeping jobs of large scale and scope entirely in-house. Our welders proudly serve a large variety of industries including waste disposal, cement processing, agricultural, power generation, trucking and anthracite & aggregate mining and processing.

A General Overview of Our Welding Services

  • Aluminum MIG welding
  • Aluminum and stainless TIG welding
  • Heavy plate welding requiring the need to fill in deep seems with flux core
  • Oxyacetylene cutting on heavy plate
  • Carbon arc gouging to make heavy equipment repairs
  • Stick welding on field repairs when working with corroded steel or in poor weather conditions
  • MIG welding on general repair jobs

Check out our Project Portfolio to learn more about Bear Ridge’s capabilities.

Bear Ridge takes advantage of the most up to date technology which includes over thirty welding machines and other equipment.


  • 4 15 ton overhead bridge cranes
  • Bug-O Track Burners
  • Hypertherm hand plasmas
  • Oxyacetylene Torches
  • Miller Deltaweld 452’s (60 & 70 series wire feeders)
  • Miller Millermatic 130’s
  • Miller Deltaweld 451 (70 series wire feeders)
  • Miller XMT 350’s w/ 22A wire feeders
  • Miller Dimension 652
  • Lincoln Powerwave 455
  • Miller Dimension 180’s
  • Miller CP300’s
  • Miller 652 Dimension crane welders
  • Miller Deltaweld 652 crane welders
  • Lincoln Idealarc DC600
  • Miller suitcase welders

Bear Ridge

  • Engineering and fabrication of industrial equipment
  • Steel plate bending, rolling and forming
  • Shearing and punching
  • Shear, plasma, water jet and laser cutting
  • Field welding and line boring on heavy equipment
  • CNC milling, turning and grinding
  • Pickup and delivery
  • ISO 9000 Compliance
  • AISC Certified
  • AWS D1.1 & ASME certified
Bear Ridge is certified under the Commonwealth of PA’s Small Business Contracting Program.
Employees are certified in stud welding and AWS D1.1

Welding & Repairs – When You Want It – Where You Want It