Applications – Industrial Equipment

Production of Equipment, Components & Parts

As a result of our decades of experience servicing the needs of the mining industry, the Bear Ridge team of talented tradesmen have the experience building, repairing and modifying heavy duty industrial equipment, components, systems and parts. We work directly with our customers to maximize the functionality and efficiency of what we are building.

Heavy Equipment Repairs

Bear Ridge is capable of handling all of heavy equipment repairs, including, but not limited to: buckets, blades and beds. From complete rebuilds to installing liners, our years’ experience in servicing the mining industries has taught us how to rebuild wear items with the intention to last. With the ability to cut and roll heavy AR plate, as well as drill and machine it for custom bolt applications, we can rebuild your heavy equipment wear items entirely in house to your specifications.

Punch Plates & Screens

Bear Ridge offers custom perforated plate in any size, shape and pattern that is suited to your material processing needs. We suggest to customers to avoid plate made of mild steel that wears premature due to it being surface heat treated; we manufacture screens mainly from AR, high carbon and stainless steel grades in a variety of thicknesses depending on the application. Our ability to cut steel without a heat effected zone with water jet cutting allows as to make screens with tighter tolerances, unlike many of our customers.

Platforms & Conveyors

Our team of talented tradesmen have over 30 years’ experience building elaborate structural platforms and material handling systems. Throughout the construction process, we work directly with our customers to maximize the functionality and efficiency of what we are building. Our expertise includes further mechanical and electrical installation of motors and gearboxes on material handling systems.

Material Processing Components

Bear Ridge has an extensive project portfolio of integral components to material processing systems such as chutes, hoppers, kilns, vessels, tanks, classifiers, piping, ductwork and more. When undertaking a project, we go beyond following the drawings and meeting specifications, our engineers put into consideration how well the component will function, and how it will be accessed for repairs and service once in the field.

Production Parts

Bear Ridge operates OTC DT ARC 500 robotic welders for welding high production parts. The robots have a two-station configuration which allows the operator to prepare work on station one while the robot welds on station two. Best suited for medium to large parts, Bear Ridge’s robots are accurate and efficient, helping to drive down costs for customers.

Bear Ridge Service Truck

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Bear Ridge is certified under the Commonwealth of PA’s Small Business Contracting Program.

Employees are certified in stud welding and AWS D1.1

Bear Ridge Services

  • Engineering and fabrication of industrial equipment
  • Steel plate bending, rolling and forming
  • Shearing and punching
  • Shear, plasma, water jet and laser cutting
  • Field welding and line boring on heavy equipment
  • CNC milling, turning and grinding
  • Pickup and delivery
  • ISO 9000 Compliance
  • AISC Certified
  • AWS D1.1 & ASME certified