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Custom & Production Fabrications

Bear Ridge Machine & Fabrication is Northeast Pennsylvania’s leader in superior quality fabrication, welding and machining services. We have a wide range of capabilities and equipment, allowing us to be proficient in industrial fabrication projects of a large scope. In having engineering and drafting capabilities in-house, we work directly with our customers to prioritize quality performance of the products we offer.

We have over 50 years’ experience in building, repairing and modifying material handling components and wear items of abrasion resistant steel. We are experts in fabrication projects that involve mechanically driven components and that require in-depth engineering.

Laser Cutting Parts
AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction

In 2021, Bear Ridge received certification from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) for fabrication and construction of structural steel bridges and highway components. This exclusive certification demonstrates a commitment to quality and expands our offerings into new markets with demanding quality standards. Please contact us with your projects requiring an AISC certification.

Fabrication & Machining – Schuylkill County Machine Shop

Machine Shop Capabilities

  • Engineering and fabrication of industrial equipment
  • Steel plate bending, rolling and forming
  • Shearing and punching
  • Shear, plasma, water jet and laser cutting
  • Field welding and line boring on heavy equipment
  • CNC milling, turning and grinding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Pickup and delivery
  • ISO 9000 Compliance
  • AISC Certified
  • AWS D1.1 & ASME certified

Industries Served

  • Coal mining & processing
  • Stone quarries & asphalt plants
  • Power plants
  • Cement plants
  • Trucking & transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Residential, commercial and industrial construction & demolition
  • Food processing
  • Marine
  • Industrial gases
  • Waste treatment
  • Bridge & highway construction

Bear Ridge Precision Results

Technology & Craftsmen That Get the Job DONE!

Expanded Facilities. Bear Ridge has over 65,000 square feet. Our machine shop, fabrication capabilities, finishing and repair facility under one roof so that our entire resources can respond quickly and efficiently.

Bear Ridge’s most recent upgrade is Mazak’s 4.0kW OptiPlex Nexus 3015 Fiberoptic laser for Precision Laser Cutting & Fabrication
  • 10’x5’ table with 2 pallet changers
  • Cutting speeds up to 2,300 inches per minute
  • Maintains accuracy within tolerances of +/-.002″
  • Beam shaping technology delivers optimal thick and thin metal cutting and higher cutting speeds reaching up to 2,300 inches per minute
  • Superior edge quality and improved piercing time by nitrogen and oxygen cutting
  • Etching and engraving capabilities
Mazak OptiPlex Nexus 3015 Fiberoptic Laser
Mazak OptiPlex Nexus 3015 Fiberoptic Laser

Laser Cutting & Production – On Site

Mazak OptiPlex Nexus 3015 Fiberoptic Laser