MetalMaster Evolution – Plasma Cutting System

Bear Ridge Machine & Fabrication (BRMF) offers the new revolution in plasma metal cutting and plate processing – the MetalMaster Evolution® with featured option Bevel-R™

MetalMaster Evolution – Plasma Cutting System

Evolving to meet the needs of the modern fabrication shop, saving costly secondary operations downstream, the MetalMaster Evolution will change the way you look at plasma part cutting.

Achieve smooth edge quality, precise hole cutting, and high accuracies through advanced engineering. This multiple process cutting machine includes many options such as plasma beveling, oxyfuel cutting, drilling, marking, and so much more.

The Bevel-R – MetalMaster Evolution

The Bevel-R™ is a 5-Axis, compact plasma bevel unit that can accurately cut bevel profiles(non-vertical) on almost any contour. Low profile plasma bevel head with 360 degree programmable rotation with no cable or torch lead wind up rapidly processes your weld prep parts. SureStop Collision Sensor for quick, simple torch realignment for plasma cutting.